James M. Buchanan

It is with sadness that we announce the January 9, 2013 passing of James M. Buchanan, Nobel laureate in economics and a founding member of the Fraser Institute’s Editorial Advisory Board. The staff and Board of Trustees of the Fraser Institute join Professor Buchanan’s family, friends and colleagues around the world in mourning his loss and celebrating his life and achievements.

Professor Buchanan was the cofounder of public choice theory for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1986. Public Choice uses economic reasoning and analysis to better understand the government sector and how it operates. Professor Buchanan was a contributor to Fraser Institute research in Taxation and Public Finance and since the Fraser Institute’s beginnings in 1974, was a member of its Editorial Advisory Board (EAB). The EAB is a panel of distinguished scholars providing the final level of scrutiny in the Institute’s peer review process. The EAB is the ultimate source of authority regarding whether a study meets the required academic and scientific standards to warrant publication by the Fraser Institute.