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About Us
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    Who We Are

    Purpose, Funding, and Independence

    The Fraser Institute provides a useful public service by reporting objective information about the economic and social effects of current public policies. We offer evidence-based research and education about policy options that can improve the quality of life.

    The Fraser Institute is an independent, non-profit organization with no affiliations to any political party. Our activities are funded by charitable donations, unrestricted grants, ticket sales and sponsorships from events, the licensing of products for public distribution, and the sale of publications.

    All research is subject to rigorous review by external experts, and is conducted and published separately from the Institute’s Board of Trustees and its donors.

    The opinions expressed by staff or author(s) are those of the individuals themselves, and should not be interpreted to reflect those of the Institute, its Board of Trustees, or its donors and supporters.

    As a healthy part of public discussion among fellow citizens who desire to improve the lives of people through better public policy, the Institute welcomes evidence-focused scrutiny of the research we publish, including verification of data sources, replication of analytical methods, and intelligent debate about the practical effects of policy recommendations.

    Support Us
    You can support the Fraser Institute’s efforts to hold governments accountable and provide objective, empirical research on public policy by making a donation now.