Gordon Gibson

Gordon Gibson Gordon Gibson is a Senior Fellow in Canadian Studies at The Fraser Institute. He received his BA (Honours) in Mathematics & Physics from the University of British Columbia and his MBA from Harvard Business School followed by research work at the London School of Economics. His current areas of study include federalism, governance, and aboriginal/non-aboriginal relations. Mr. Gibson has also written Fraser Institute books and monographs that include, Plan B: The Future of the Rest of Canada, Thirty Million Musketeers, Fixing Canadian Democracy, Comments on the Draft Nisga'a Treaty, A Principled Analysis of the Nisga'a Treaty, Principles for Treaties, and his most recent study Challenges in Senate Reform: Conflicts of Interest, Unintended Consequences, New Possibilities. In 2002, He was commissioned by the BC Government to design the Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform. His report was substantially adopted (with amendments as to size) and the Assembly process is now successfully completed. The Assembly architecture is currently the subject of extensive world-wide study as an innovative technique in tackling difficult public policy problems. His columns appear frequently in the Vancouver Sun, Winnipeg Free Press and the Globe & Mail.

He has served as Assistant to the Minister of Northern Affairs, then Executive and later Special Assistant to the Prime Minister, and then ran in three federal elections. In addition, he was elected twice to the B.C. Legislature and served as both MLA and Leader of the British Columbia Liberal Party. He is currently on the Board and Chair of the Audit Committee of the Westshore Terminals Income Fund.