David T Hartgen

David T. Hartgen, PhD, P.E., is emeritus professor of transportation studies at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where he established the Center for Interdisciplinary Transportation Studies and now conducts research in transportation policy. He recently established The Hartgen Group, a transportation planning and policy research organization. He is the author of about 335 publications on a wide variety of topics in transportation policy and planning, is US editor of the international academic journal Transportation, and is active in professional organizations. He is a frequent media interviewee in local and national publications. Before coming to Charlotte in 1989, he directed the statistics and analysis functions of the New York State Department of Transportation and served at the Federal Highway Administration. He holds engineering degrees from Duke University and Northwestern University, has taught at the State University of New York (Albany, Union, and Syracuse), and lectures widely. He has completed a wide range of transportation assessments, studies of sprawl, road condition, and growth and economic development. In 2006, he reviewed the performance of North Carolina's largest transit systems. His recent nationwide study of congestion for the Reason Foundation, and his sixteenth annual review of the 50 US state highway systems have received wide national attention. His 2008 review of the readiness of large US regions to confront expected growth is of considerable interest in the US. In the course of his professional career, he has visited seven of the 10 Canadian provinces.