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    Seminar Programs

    We offer free, one-day seminars that encourage high school and post-secondary students to think critically about economics and important policy issues.

    Explore Public Policy Issues
    Seminars across Canada for post-secondary students

    Register for our free, one-day seminars featuring engaging presentations about the most critical issues of the day. You’ll meet leading policy experts, hear thought-provoking ideas, participate in lively discussions, and leave feeling challenged and inspired. Participants come from a variety of academic and political backgrounds and a wide range of important economic and social policy issues are discussed at each seminar, including the economy, health care, trade, drug legalization, and the environment.

    Discover Economic Principles
    Seminars for BC high school students in grades 7-12.

    These free, fun one-day seminars consist of a mix of short presentations, games, video clips and activities that introduce economic principles using real-life examples. Students will participate in a fun-filled, interactive day and learn how economic thinking can be applied to everyday life. These seminars are a great complement to a broad range of courses including Economics, Business Education, Social Studies and Career Preparation. Topics covered include scarcity, choices, marginal decision-making, incentives, trade, and economic systems.