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    Video Contest Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Q: Are home schooled children eligible to participate?
      A: Yes.
    2. Q: I have permission to use sound effects and music from my University’s sound library, am I allowed to use this in my video submission?
      A: See page 13 of the student guide. If the sound effects and music are not copyrighted, or you have legal permission to use them, then you may include them in your video submission.
    3. Q: Are we allowed to use clips from various videos on the Internet if we give them credit?
      A: If it is legal to use various videos from the Internet with credit given to the sources, then you may use the videos. The onus is on you to ensure that your submission is legal.
    4. Q: Am I allowed to use any type of music in my video?
      A: Make sure that your music is not copyrighted. If you use copyrighted music then we cannot accept your video. So no Jay-Z, Beyonce, Fallout Boy, Alexisonfire, etc…
    5. Q: Does the topic cover how the government can protect their citizens from a possible upcoming natural disaster?
      A: No, the contest is on the role of government after a natural disaster. See www.studentvideocontest.org for examples.
    6. Q: If I am citing sources, which referencing style should I use?
      A: You can select the referencing style you would like to use.