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    Country Audits

    Improving quality of life through economic freedom

    Many countries seek to improve the level of economic freedom in their country, which brings a higher quality of life to their citizens.

    The Fraser Institute helps countries and citizens create a plan of action for improving their level of economic freedom. Through our Country Audits program, we provide a framework for countries to work within using methodology developed in our Economic Freedom indexes.

    The Country Audits program brings together business, government, and academic leaders to create specific recommendations for their country. This often involves benchmarking other countries and adopting their policies, or recommending internal reforms. Economic freedom measures ranging from the impartiality of legal systems to protection of intellectual property and tax rates are discussed.

    The results of the meetings are compiled by a moderator with help from the participants and then forwarded to government and released to the general public.

    Previous Audits
    Oman - 2006
    Jordan - 2008
    Egypt - 2009