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    Economic Freedom

    Spreading prosperity and growth

    Economic freedom is one of the main drivers of prosperity, resulting in improved wealth, health, and education as individuals and families take charge of their own future.

    Economic freedom is the extent to which you can pursue economic activity without interference from government, as long as your actions don't violate the identical rights of others.

    The Fraser Institute has several programs that examine the effects of economic freedom in countries around the world:

    • The Economic Freedom of the World Index
      Find out how your country rates in economic freedom. This index is the most objective and accurate measure of economic freedom published by any organization. It was developed by a research team led by Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman and former Fraser Institute Executive Director Michael Walker.
    • North American Economic Freedom Index
      Find out how your state, province, or territory compares to other jurisdictions across North America. This index measures differences in economic freedom within Canada and the US.
    • Economic Freedom of the Arab World Report
      Find out how Arab countries rate in economic freedom. This report rates 18 Arab League Nations.
    • Economic Freedom Network
      The Economic Freedom Network is a joint venture involving research institutes from more than 80 countries. The Economic Freedom Network focuses on encouraging public discussion and awareness about the benefits of economic freedom and is committed to increasing economic freedom and growth around the world.

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