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    Addington Centre for the Study of Measurement

    Named for the late Raymond Addington, former chairman of the Fraser Institute Board of Trustees, the Addington Centre for the Study of Measurement was established in 2008.

    The Centre commemorates Mr. Addington by awarding the annual Addington Prize to a person or team who has researched a new, interesting, and important concept in public policy, exemplifying the Fraser Institute’s motto: If it matters, measure it.

    The 2014 Addington Prize was awarded to Erwin Diewert, professor in the Vancouver School of Economics at the University of British Columbia, and Emily Yu, economist at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, for their work on measuring productivity, as explained in their paper New Estimates of Real Income and Multifactor Productivity Growth for the Canadian Business Sector, 1961-2011, published by the Centre for the Study of Living Standards. Their work found that actual productivity growth in Canada was higher than formally reported, and has provided valuable insight for future research on measuring productivity.

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    The 2015 Addington Prize in Measurement will be open for nominations next fall.