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Critical Topics in Global Warming

Type: Research Studies
Date Published: April 21, 2009
Research Topics:
Environment, Risk & Regulation

The issue of global warming is the subject of two parallel debates: one scientific, focused on the analyses of complex and conflicting data; the other political, addressing what is the proper response of government to a hypothetical risk. Proponents of an immediate and sweeping regulatory response insist that the scientific debate has long been settled. But a fair reading of the science, as presented in the Fraser Institute's Independent Summary for Policymakers (ISPM), proves otherwise. The supplements to that report go deeper into some of the key topics and provide even more evidence that popularized notions about the causes and consequences of global warming are more fiction than fact.

The original ISPM was released on February 1, 2007 to translate for the educated layman the findings of the United Nations's Fourth Assessment Report on Climate Change. It was written by a team of eminent experts and reviewed by more than 50 scholars.

The seven supplements offered here provide more detailed discussions of critical technical topics such as climate modeling, temperature measurement, statistical analysis, and meteorology. Each is referenced in the original ISPM .

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