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How Good Is Canadian Health Care? 2008 Report

Type: Research Studies
Date Published: December 1, 2008
Research Topics:
This edition of How Good Is Canadian Health Care? provides answers to a series of questions that are important to resolve if Canada is to make the correct choices as it amends its health care policies. The study is strictly comparative and examines a wide number of factors for the member countries of the OECD in arriving at the answers to the questions posed. In this study, we primarily compare Canada to other countries that also have universal access, publicly funded, health care systems. The study's focus, therefore, is not whether we should "abandon the key elements of Canada's compassionate approach to health care delivery," but how we organize to achieve it. To answer this crucial question, which is also the focus of the current debate about health care reform in Canada, we examine whether other industrialized, universal-access countries have implemented those policies that are at the centre of the health care debate in Canada: policies that have been shown to produce, at lower cost, superior access to, and outcomes from, health care than Canada's policies do. 
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