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Canadian Student Review - Spring 2012

Type: Magazines
Date Published: March 26, 2012
Research Topics:
Canada-US Relations, Energy, Government Spending, Mining, Risk & Regulation

In this issue:

Congress: A house divided, by Mark McGinley
Bitterly divided politicians cause congressional gridlock in the US

A rocky decade in the integration of the Canadian-US meat industry, by Amos Vivancos Leon
A look at protectionism and livestock trade in North America

The government auto bailout: $474,000 per GM employee, by Mark Milke
Taxpayers lose billions to GM and Chrysler

The case for natural gas: The furnace for future economic growth, by Sam Kerr
Alternative energy for the future

Corporate Social Responsibility in the mining sector: A win-win situation, by Luis Garcia Westphalen
The advantages of contributing to communities

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