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    Aboriginal Education

    The Fraser Institute released report cards on Aboriginal Education in British Columbia in 2011 and 2006.

    Report Card on Aboriginal Education in British Columbia 2011

    Data from band-operated, federally funded schools
    In Alberta
    , First Nations officials have successfully blocked the public release of school performance data related to students in band-operated, federally funded schools.

    Similarly, in Quebec, student results data generated at schools operated by the two Aboriginal education authorities - the Cree and Kativik school boards - are not released by that province's education ministry.

    In British Columbia and Ontario, band-operated schools generally do not participate in those provinces' annual testing programs and, as a result, little data is available.

    Data from provincial school systems
    Tracking the progress of Aboriginal students within the provincial school systems is equally difficult. Only in BC, the Yukon, and Alberta is the education ministry able to isolate performance data related to Aboriginal students enrolled in provincial schools. Only BC and the Yukon routinely report this information to the public.