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Hospital Report Card: Ontario 2006

Type: Research Studies
Date Published: September 5, 2006
Research Topics:
Hospital Report Cards

The Fraser Institute's Hospital Report Card: Ontario 2006 is constructed to help patients choose the best hospital for their inpatient care by providing them with information on the performance of Ontario acute-care hospitals.

The Hospital Report Card: Ontario 2006 and interactive web site assesses 50 measures of patient safety and quality of care for every acute care hospital in Ontario. Information is shown for all of the 136 acute care hospitals in Ontario from fiscal year 1997 to 2005, comprising more than 8.5 million patient records. The report also calculates the 50 indicators for all of the 138 municipalities in Ontario, based on patient location. Forty-three hospitals agreed to have their institutions identified by name in this Hospital Report Card. Other hospitals are anonymously shown in the report by number.

Among the 50 measures are death rates, adverse events, volumes and usage rates in three categories: hospital procedures, medical conditions and those related to child birth. A Hospital Mortality Index is calculated as a summary measure of mortality rates in the larger hospitals (where adequate data are available).

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