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Is Toronto in Decline?

Type: Research Studies
Date Published: June 25, 2008
Research Topics:
Canada Strong & Free, Urban Issues
  • Torontonians are worried their city is losing its edge compared to other major Canadian business centers.
  • The city of Toronto's median income has sunk below the national average. In the 2001 census, median income in Toronto was 106 percent of the national average; in the 2006 census, it was below the national average at 96 percent.
  • Management occupations in Toronto, which may be viewed as a proxy for the city's health as a business centre, have been on the decline.
  • The negative trend is visible not only in Toronto, but also across the province as a whole. Median income in Ontario grewby 10 percent over the period compared to 16 percent nationally. Moreover, Ontario saw a decline in the number of management occupations over the most recent census period.
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