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Saving the North American Security and Prosperity Partnership: The Case for a North American Standards and Regulatory Area

Type: Research Studies
Date Published: March 18, 2008
Research Topics:
Canada-US Relations, Defence & Security
The Security and Prosperity (SPP) launched in 2005 by the United States, Canada, and Mexico, is an overarching agreement to conduct negotiations in a wide variety of areas related to product standards, government regulations on trade, health and food safety, energy, and the environment as well as a wide variety of security measures related to border crossings. The objective is to achieve gradually more regulatory convergence and product standards compatibility as well as more streamlined border and security measures so that the costs of trade and border crossings can be lowered, while standards and regulations become more continent-wide. SPP negotiations are meant to lead to specific agreements on a sector-by-sector basis and mainly affect changes in the administrative or executive branches of government. Thus far, SPP negotiations and agreements have modestly advanced Canada's national interest by removing or reducing non-tariff barriers to trade. Closer cooperation and coordination among the governments has also helped make the implementation of post-9/11 security provisions more efficient.
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