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The 2008 Non-Profit Performance Report

Type: Research Studies
Date Published: January 12, 2009
Research Topics:
Non-Profit Studies

The evaluation protocol for the Donner Awards is detailed in the annual Non-Profit Performance Report, which is published and distributed each year by the Fraser Institute.

The report provides an important reference for non-profit organizations seeking to improve their performance and efficiency. Agencies that have applied for the Donner Awards each year can track their improvement as they advance towards ever-higher levels of excellence and accountability. Many past participants have even incorporated the Donner Awards evaluation into their strategic planning processes.

For corporations, foundations, and individuals, the Non-Profit Performance Report provides a useful tool to evaluate the effectiveness of organizations competing for their charitable dollars. Award recipients and finalists are profiled in the report, along with a list of suggested resources to improve non-profit performance.

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