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Quebec Prosperity: Taking the Next Step

Type: Research Studies
Date Published: November 24, 2003
Research Topics:
Government Performance, Government Spending
Quebec Prosperity: Taking the Next Step investigates Quebec's economic performance, both within Canada and relative to US states, and how this is affected by Quebec's economic policies. A key question addressed is why Quebec's economic performance has consistently been lower than its potential: Quebec's people are poorer and more frequently unemployed than they need be.

Quebec's policy structure and its impact on economic performance are examined using empirical, peer-reviewed research on the relationship between various policy choices, on the one hand, and prosperity and job creation, on the other. Quite often it is found that policy-makers in Quebec's government have made policy choices that limit economic potential, while increasing the power and resources of government.

The study concludes with recommendations on policies that could produce a more prosperous Quebec.
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