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— Aug 20, 2020
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The Price of Public Health Care Insurance, 2020

The Price of Public Healthcare, 2020 finds that the typical Canadian family will pay $14,474 for public health care this year, and single Canadians will pay $4,894. The study, which reveals the health-care costs—paid in taxes—for Canadians, also measures the growth of health-care costs over time.

— Jul 9, 2020
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Biologics and Biosimilars: A Primer

Biologics and Biosimilars: A Primer finds that Canadian patient access to potentially life-saving biologic medicines is comparatively limited because Canada’s protection of intellectual property in the life sciences—including biology and biochemistry—lags behind other industrialized countries.

— May 7, 2020
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The Private Cost of Public Queues for Medically Necessary Care, 2020

The Private Cost of Public Queues for Medically Necessary Care, 2020 is a new study that finds long waits for surgery and medical treatment cost Canadians almost $2.1 billion in lost wages and productivity last year-costs that could increase now that many provinces have postponed elective (or scheduled) surgeries as a result of COVID-19. Crucially, more than one million Canadian (1,064,286) patients waited for medically necessary treatment last year, and each lost an estimated $1,963 (on average) due to lost wages and reduced productivity during working hours.

— Jan 21, 2020
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Understanding Universal Health Care Reform Options: Private Insurance

Understanding Universal Health Care Reform Options: Private Insurance finds that among 17 high-income countries with universal health care—including Australia, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands—all of them use private health insurance in some capacity to pay for medically necessary health-care costs, except Canada. Crucially, among those countries with comparable data, Canada has the longest wait times for medical necessary treatment.

— Dec 10, 2019
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Waiting Your Turn: Wait Times for Health Care in Canada, 2019 finds that the median wait time for medically necessary treatment in Canada this year was 20.9 weeks. This is the second-longest wait ever recorded by the Fraser Institute, which has been measuring wait times across Canada since 1993 when patients waited just 9.3 weeks. Among the provinces, Ontario had the shortest median wait time this year at 16.0 weeks, and Prince Edward Island recorded the longest wait time (49.3 weeks).

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