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    The FI in Numbers

    Numbers tell the 2012 story

    227,972,748 cumulative audience of Fraser Institute Canadian newspaper, radio, and TV coverage
    10,493,688 estimated advertising value of Canadian and US newspaper, radio, and TV coverage
    2,425,347 unique visitors to Fraser Institute websites
    2,400,000 students attend 5,500 schools rated in Fraser Institute School Report Cards
    50,267 subscribers to Fraser Institute digital newsletters
    18,059 estimated media mentions in Canada and the US in print, Internet, and broadcast media
    16,929 students from 1,450 schools around the world reached by Education Programs
    15,500 Facebook and Twitter followers
    10,980 high school students influenced by their teachers' participation in Institute workshops
    823 commentaries published in newspapers across North America
    653 citations of Institute research in academic and professional publications or papers
    554 applications by non-profits for Donner Awards for Excellence in the Delivery of Social Service
    144 jurisdictions rated in 2012 Economic Freedom of the World Report
    86 members of international Economic Freedom Network led by the Fraser Institute
    67 publications released in print & digital format
    37 policy presentations by Fraser Institute staff to 3,255 people around the world
    25 Fraser Institute rank among 6,603 think tanks globally in University of Pennsylvania global survey
    4 Fraser Institute office locations making us Canada's only national think tank
    1 Fraser Institute rank among 96 Canadian think tanks in University of Pennsylvania global survey