Charles Lammam

Charles Lammam is Director of Fiscal Studies at the Fraser Institute. He holds an M.A. in public policy and a B.A. in economics with a minor in business administration from Simon Fraser University. Since joining the Institute, Mr. Lammam has published over 50 studies and 200 original articles on a wide range of economic policy issues including taxation, government finances, pensions, investment, income mobility, labour, entrepreneurship, public-private partnerships, and charitable giving. His articles have appeared in every major national and regional newspaper in Canada (including the Globe and Mail and National Post) as well as prominent US-based publications (including Forbes and The American). Mr. Lammam’s career in public policy spans nine years. He regularly gives presentations to various groups, comments in print media, and appears on radio and television broadcasts across the country to discuss the Institute’s research. He has also appeared before committees of the House of Commons as an expert witness.