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In alternate-history science fiction story, the Axis won the Second World War.

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Native people and those struggling in poverty are done a great disservice by DiCaprio and others who trot out tired wrongheaded clichés about capitalism.

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When the only thing standing between the poet and the rats is a few lines of verse, a little cold cash might be nice.

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Spider-Man accepted a moral obligation to use his powers to help people. Does Jessica feel the same way?

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Issues of automation and centralization raise serious concerns about government overreach and the unprecedented rise in state power.

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One of the hallmarks of capitalist societies is specialization, and so in some important way the team that works on a film is a microcosm of an entire economy.

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Toronto-based Artbomb is an online art auction that receives zero government funding and is thriving across Canada.

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In Spectre, current concerns about the surveillance state are brought to the fore.

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From Plato to Tolkien to Acton, we’ve been told that power corrupts, and that its appeal is especially strong to those already prone to corruption.

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In an old episode of South Park, Eric Cartman is “deputized” then rides around town on his Big Wheel beating people with a police baton in response to what he perceives as violations of the law, or those who fail to respect his authority as a law enforcement officer.


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