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Economic Freedom

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America has gone from being the world’s third most economically free country in 2000 to the 16th freest in 2014.

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Government spending has increased in Ontario, and Alberta has dramatically increased the tax burden on residents and businesses.

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If Canada is fifth freest, it can’t be a very free planet.

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The Fraser Institute's Economic Freedom of the World Report has ranked Venezuela dead last for the past four years.

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Alberta's provincial government has dramatically increased personal and corporate income taxes.

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The EU has seen growth of bureaucratic and administrative apparatus and a regulatory environment not always economic-growth enhancing.

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The founders were familiar with the works of American founding fathers such as Jefferson and European political philosophers such as Edmund Burke.

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Book addresses rhetoric used during the socialist revolution.

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Studies have shown that economic freedom boosts tolerance, a necessary condition for successful democracies.

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The Alberta government recently implemented a series of policy changes that will leave Albertans materially less free. Given the clear link between economic freedom and prosperity, expect these changes to have negative long-term effects on living standards and economic opportunities across the province.

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