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Government Spending & Taxes

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Compared to people in other provinces, Albertans are more likely to experience long spells of unemployment.

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Eighty-one per cent of middle-class families in Canada now pay higher income taxes.

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Ontario’s population may grow by 30 per cent, from 14.2 to 18.5 million.

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People at the bottom of the income distribution aren’t poor because people at the top are rich.

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BC is returning to its big spending ways of the 1990s

After just one full year in power, it seems British Columbians may be seeing history repeat itself with a return to the big spending NDP government of the 1990s.

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Government workers in B.C. are absent from their jobs for personal reasons 49 per cent more often than private-sector workers.

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Ontario raised its top personal income tax rate by 3.1 percentage points, preventing up to 2,158 new businesses from starting.

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