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Canada’s top personal income tax rate is among the highest in the developed world.

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One of the justifications for the rising rates is to promote environmental responsibility and water conservation.

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Donald Trump’s characterization of Canada’s health-care system as “catastrophic” may be political hyperbole, but we cannot ignore the huge problems that plague our system.

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Ontario’s top combined federal and provincial personal income tax rate is 53.5 per cent for skilled workers.

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The bottom half of earners in Canada earn 22 per cent of all income yet pay only 15 per cent of all taxes.

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Residential property taxes are growing faster than real per capita income in many communities.

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B.C.’s has one of the highest overall tax rates on new investment in Canada and the developed world.

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For my money—and for taxpayers’ money, too—“shovel worthy” is therefore a much better phrase than “shovel ready.”

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The purchasing power for the average Canadian wage-earner has increased dramatically since 1976.

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