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Canada imposes complete government control over people's access to medically necessary care.

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Diseases such as rabies, malaria and leprosy still afflict many in less-developed countries.

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In 2014, Canadian physicians reported that patients faced an 18.2 week wait from referral by a general practitioner to receipt of treatment.

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Dr. Brian Day, former head of the Canadian Medical Association, is currently fighting to allow private treatment for patients.

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Aspects of the Canada Health Act discourage provinces from emulating policies found in Australia, the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

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The average Canadian family can expect to pay $11,494 this year for public health care.

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Canada’s premiers are meeting in Whitehorse, Yukon this week and health-care transfers from Ottawa may be high on the agenda.

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Province contracted-out select day surgeries to private clinics, expanding total surgical capacity in a short period of time.

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