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Most Canadians spend hours in waiting rooms to meet even routine medical needs.

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Reform proposal misrepresents the nature of the global market and role of intellectual property.

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Of the 53,109 ADR reports received in 2012, almost 80 per cent were categorized as “serious.”

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Canada has fewer MRI and CT scanners than the average high-income OECD country with universal health care.

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If provincial finance ministers are convinced they require more funding for health care, they have the ability to raise that revenue themselves.

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Canadian patients may be denied new innovative drugs and other health technologies emerging for the treatment of chronic diseases such as cancer.

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The opposition of the two U.S. presidential candidates to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) threatens progress on trade issues including intellectual property protection.

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Donald Trump’s characterization of Canada’s health-care system as “catastrophic” may be political hyperbole, but we cannot ignore the huge problems that plague our system.

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Canada imposes complete government control over people's access to medically necessary care.

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Diseases such as rabies, malaria and leprosy still afflict many in less-developed countries.

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