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Federal government helped spark Canada’s economic growth crisis

Over the last nine years, Canadian living standards have not increased.

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Canada’s struggling private sector—a tale of two cities

When commercial centres have lower median employment incomes than capital cities, the private sector may be in real distress.

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Nova Scotia government must change course to end debt binge in upcoming budget

Every Nova Scotian is responsible for $18,906 in provincial government debt in 2023/24.

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Canadians in three provinces will spend roughly the same on debt interest as K-12 education

Provincial and federal net debt has increased by $1.0 trillion from 2007/08 to 2023/24.

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Ontario’s housing woes—a supply-side problem

Last year, builders in the province built nearly 60 per cent fewer new homes per person compared to 1973.

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Ontario government can balance books with moderate spending restraint

The government can hold nominal spending flat for one year without creating any management challenges.

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B.C. government projects massive debt accumulation—and British Columbians will pay the price

The government plans to overspend by $11.2 billion relative to its 2023 budget plan.

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B.C. government should properly consult British Columbians about changes to Land Act

The government wants to fundamentally change the way 95 per cent of the province's land and water is managed.

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Economic growth crucial for both the private economy and government sector

If current trends continue, people in countries such as Estonia, Korea and Turkey will have higher living standards than Canadians.

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No evidence of ‘mass graves’ or ‘genocide’ in residential schools

Many parents saw residential schools as the best option available for their children.

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