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In light of public outcry, the B.C. government has tasked a committee to examine real estate practices such as flipping and shadow assignment.

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In reality, hardly anybody in Canada is trying raise a family on the minimum wage.

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Statistics Canada has identified five characteristics that are associated with being at risk of falling into persistent low-income status.

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These voluntary relationships clearly benefit the participants, and perhaps that is why the strident opponents resort to hyperbole and fear-mongering.

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There are billions more of us humans than there used to be and most of us are living far better than our species has ever lived.

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In an effort to make housing more affordable in Greater Vancouver, B.C.’s latest budget exempts newly-built homes worth up to $750,000 from the property transfer tax.

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The change in the nature of work, and increased wealth, transformed the family.

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There’s been a lot of media coverage on “house flipping” in Vancouver, and quick sales are common in many real estate markets.

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