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Quebec, don’t fall prey to fiscal illusion

In 2018, the province's net debt represented 43 per cent of the economy.

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How a business prime minster might have handled SNC-Lavalin

Canada would benefit from a stricter separation of business and state.

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Spending, not lack of revenue, driving Ottawa’s red ink

All the estimates converge to a federal deficit of more than $12 billion by 2022-23.

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SNC Lavalin: What would Sir Wilfrid do?

A permanent responsibility of the prime minister of Canada is to avoid dust-ups between its two founding peoples.

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Provide Schools Choice in Curriculum

The government monopoly on education curriculum eliminates diversity and experimentation that can lead to better methods of teaching.

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Notley government doubles-down on the resource rollercoaster

Alberta buys yet another ticket to ride the resource rollercoaster.

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Wartime presidents added most to U.S. federal debt-to-GDP ratio

George W. Bush increased the ratio by 27.5 percentage points.

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Bank of Canada says housing crunch threatens Canadian economy

High housing costs and long commutes can discourage workers from moving to cities such as Toronto.

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ICBC 'fix' may be short-lived and costly

ICBC loses almost $350 on every insurance policy it writes.

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The trouble with governments 'defending' jobs

A government that favours employment should encourage the labour market to work as efficiently as possible.