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— Oct 26, 2021
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Fiscal Explosion: Federal Spending on Indigenous  Programs, 2015–2022

Fiscal Explosion: Federal Spending on Indigenous Programs, 2015-2022 finds that since 2015 federal spending on Indigenous programs has skyrocketed from $12.4 billion to $24 billion—or by 94.3 per cent.

— Oct 19, 2021
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Less Ottawa, More Province, 2021

Less Ottawa, More Province, 2021: How Decentralized Federalism is Key to Health Care Reform is a new study that examines two of the most important ongoing public policy challenges facing Canada: the deterioration of government finances, and the comparative underperformance of our health care system. Fundamental reform of Canada’s health care system can be achieved by replicating changes made by the Chretien government in the 1990s when Ottawa removed strings to federal funding for welfare, providing the provinces with more autonomy and flexibility.

— Oct 14, 2021
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Prime Ministers and Government Spending: Updated 2021 Edition

Prime Ministers and Government Spending, Updated 2021 Edition is a new study that analyzes program spending by prime minister since Confederation, and finds that in 2020/21, federal program spending is expected to reach a minimum of $13,032 (inflation adjusted), which is 34.8 per cent higher than in 2019, pre-COVID, and 42.4 per cent higher than the level of spending recorded during 2009, a pronounced global recession.

— Oct 7, 2021
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Does the Canada Child Benefit Actually Reduce Child Poverty?

Does the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) Actually Reduce Child Poverty? is a new study that finds the Canada Child Benefit is less effective than the government claims at lifting children out of poverty due to a lack of targeting. In fact, despite spending an additional $5.6 billion in 2019-20, the new Canada Child Benefit only moved an estimated 90,900 children above Statistics Canada’s Low-Income Cut-Off, a key measure of low-income.

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