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— Nov 17, 2018
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Report Card on Quebec's Secondary Schools 2018

The Report Card on Quebec’s Secondary Schools 2018 ranks 452 public, private, Francophone and Anglophone schools based largely on the results from provincewide tests in French, English, science, mathematics and history. The Report Card provides parents and educators with objective information that’s difficult to find anywhere else, which is why it’s the go-to source for school performance in Quebec.

— Mar 28, 2017
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Quebec’s Daycare Program: A Flawed Policy Model

Quebec’s Daycare Program: A Flawed Policy Model finds that the province’s 20-year-old subsidized daycare program has produced skyrocketing costs along with worrying child development outcomes without eliminating wait times. Spending on a per-child basis—after adjusting for inflation—jumped 101.6 per cent since the program’s creation, from $4,874 in 1997 to $9,823 in 2016 (amounts in 2016 dollars).

— Mar 9, 2017
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Comparing Government and Private Sector Compensation in Quebec, 2017

Comparing Government and Private Sector Compensation in Quebec finds that government employees in Quebec—including federal, provincial and municipal workers—receive 9.1 per cent higher wages, on average, than comparable workers in the private sector and also enjoy much more generous non-wage benefits.

— Jun 28, 2016
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Interprovincial Migration in Canada

Interprovincial Migration in Canada: Quebeckers Vote with Their Feet examines inter-provincial migration patterns in Canada from 1971 through to 2015. The study particularly spotlights Quebec which has seen almost 600,000 people leave the province since the 1970's.

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