Hugh MacIntyre

Policy Analyst, Fraser Institute

Hugh MacIntyre is a Policy Analyst at the Fraser Institute. He holds an M.Sc. in Political Science from the University of Edinburgh and an Honours B.A. from the University of Toronto. Mr. MacIntyre has co-authored numerous studies on topics such as government finances and government performance. His commentaries have appeared in various media outlets including the National Post and the American Enterprise Institute’s pres¬tigious magazine, The American.

Recent Research by Hugh MacIntyre

— Dec 15, 2016
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Generosity in Canada and the United States: The 2016 Generosity Index

Generosity in Canada and the United States: The 2016 Generosity Index finds that the percentage of Canadians claiming charitable donations on their taxes—and the amount they’re giving as a percentage of their income—is the lowest it’s been in a decade. And Americans donate two-and-a-half times more to charities than Canadians, as a percentage of income. The state of Utah tops the list of 64 North American jurisdictions in the Index. Manitoba (37th place) remains the highest ranked Canadian jurisdiction.

— Sep 28, 2016
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The Myth of Middle-Class Stagnation in Canada finds that Canada’s middle class, instead of stagnating economically, has actually seen its income increase by as much as 52 per cent since 1976, and the average Canadian worker also has to work far fewer hours to afford similar, although vastly improved common household goods such as televisions and cameras.

— Jul 14, 2016
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Rates of return for expanded CPP remain meagre

The provinces and the federal government have reached an agreement in principle on Canada Pension Plan expansion, with ratification of the agreement expected this week. But despite an expanded CPP, workers in Canada—particularly younger workers—will still receive a meagre rate of return from their CPP contributions.