Tom Adams

Tom Adams is an independent energy and environmental advisor and researcher focused on energy consumer concerns. He has worked for several environmental organizations and served on the Ontario Independent Electricity Market Operator Board of Directors and the Ontario Centre for Excellence for Energy Board of Management. He is a media commentator and guest newspaper columnist. He has published peer-reviewed papers in a range of fields. He has presented expert testimony before many legislative committees and regulatory tribunals in Canada.

Recent Research by Tom Adams

— Apr 5, 2016
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Demand-Side Mismanagement: How Conservation Became Waste

Demand-Side Mismanagement: How Conservation Became Waste examines energy conservation programs in Ontario such as smart metering, home retrofit rebates for insulation, caulking, etc., and subsidies for consumers who purchase energy-efficient appliances. It finds that Ontario taxpayers and ratepayers have doled out billions of dollars in energy conservation subsidies over the decades with no verifiable evidence that conservation programs actually save consumers money.

— Oct 30, 2014
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transmission lines

Unless the Ontario government reverses course on its transformation of the province’s electricity system, power rates will continue to soar, finds a new study by Ross McKitrick and Tom Adams. The study, What Goes Up...Ontario's Soaring Electricity Prices and How to Get Them Down, to prevent further electricity rate increases, the province could halt all new hydroelectric, wind and solar projects. And to reduce rates, the province could terminate (where possible) existing contracts between renewable energy companies and the OPA.