Audit Program

Economic Freedom Audits

Economic freedom audits effectively convey the advantages of economic freedom and free markets directly to a nation’s elites and are a powerful media tool to communicate to the public.

Audits have been undertaken in Oman, Panama, Jordan, Egypt, Côte d’Ivoire, Morocco, the Kyrgyz Republic, Tunisia, Malaysia, Lebanon, Greece, Serbia, Uruguay, and Nepal.

They are designed to develop practical policy reform ideas, create local ownership, and deliver these ideas to government and the people of the nation. They enable participants and the public to see how their nation does against the regional, world, and top 10 averages in economic freedom in 42 dimensions, and provide world-class policy examples for improvement.

For more information about the Fraser Institute's Economic Freedom Audits please contact: Fred McMahon at (416) 363-6575, ext 226 or [email protected].