Editorial Advisory Board


If a dispute about the recommendations of the reviewers should arise during the Institute’s peer review process, the Institute has an Editorial Advisory Board, a panel of scholars from Canada, the United States, and Europe to whom it can turn for help in resolving the dispute.

Active Members

Professor Terry L. Anderson
Professor Robert Barro
Professor Jean-Pierre Centi
Professor John Chant
Professor Bev Dahlby
Professor Erwin Diewert
Professor J.C. Herbert Emery
Professor Steven Globerman
Professor Jack L. Granatstein
Professor Herbert G. Grubel
Professor James Gwartney
Dr. Jerry Jordan
Professor Robert Lawson
Professor Ross McKitrick
Professor Michael Parkin
Professor Friedrich Schneider
Professor Lawrence B. Smith
Mr. Vito Tanzi

Past members

Professor Armen Alchian*
Professor James M. Buchanan*+
Professor Michael Bliss*
Professor Stephen Easton*
Professor Friedrich A. Hayek*+
Professor H. G. Johnson*
Professor Ronald W. Jones*
Professor F. G. Pennance*
Professor George Stigler*+
Sir Alan Walters*
Professor Edwin G. West*

+ Nobel Laureate.
* Deceased.