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The Fraser Institute has partnered with award winning university, and college faculty to create engaging lessons that introduce students to economic principles and concepts. These lesson plans are packed with classroom ready resources for educators and are supported by teacher workshops and webinars to help guide educators on how to use the lessons in the class. Below are a few samples of the lesson plans that can be easily adapted for online learning to suit your educational needs.

For a list of our current lesson plan descriptions, please review our Lesson Plan Catalogue. If you are interested in a lesson plan set but it is not currently offered as a teacher workshop, please contact us for more information.

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Lesson Plan

Understanding Poverty and Inequality in Canada and Around the World

The idea of inequality, specifically economic inequality, is under increased scrutiny and debate today. However, most conversations about inequality include using the ideas of equity and equality interchangeably, which is in contrast to their definitions. These lesson plans will explore key conversations about the differences between these concepts and also examine tools that economists use to measure and analyze concepts like poverty and inequality. Dive into these lessons for a fun and interactive way to have fact-based discussions with your students around these sometimes-controversial, and often misunderstood topics.

Applicable Courses: Canadian and World History, Economics, Geography, World Issues, Law

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Lesson Plan

Lessons in Economic Freedom

This set of lesson plans developed around the Fraser Institute’s Economic Freedom of the World (EFW) website and annual report, highlights the impact of economic freedom on global prosperity. The EFW index measures the degree to which the policies and institutions of countries are supportive of economic freedom. The cornerstones of economic freedom are personal choice, voluntary ex-change, freedom to enter markets and compete, and security of the person and privately owned property. The lesson plans encourage educators to assign inquiry assignments into historic trends, geography, trade, the appropriate role for government, and more. Using the EFW interactive map and time series video feature, Educators can easily adapt the EFW website materials for online learning. The Fraser Institute has also adapted these lessons into a 4-module webinar. Check the listing below for workshop dates.

Applicable Courses: Economics, Canadian and World History, World Issues, Geography

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