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    Most Fraser Institute publications are available free of charge on this website. Teachers who purchase print copies of our material receive a 40% discount.
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    What Everyone Should Know About Economics & Prosperity
    By James D. Gwartney and Richard L. Stroup
    Adapted for Canadian readers by Michael A. Walker
    Looking for a brief, up-to-date, non-intimidating, and fact-filled guide to the essentials of free market economics? Here's an easy-to-read book that won't have your students memorizing formulas or mastering details that are important only to professional economists.

    Economic Freedom of the World: 2009 Annual Report
    By James Gwartney and Robert Lawson
    The Economic Freedom of the world index was developed by Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman and former Fraser Institute executive director Michael Walker through a series of conferences hosted from 1986 to 1994. The challenge was to prove Milton Friedman’s assertion that economically free nations produce better lives for their citizens. Eventually this resulted in the first report on worldwide economic freedom.

    Since then, the Fraser Institute’s Economic Freedom of the World index has become a key research tool used around the world to investigate the impact of economic freedom. From Albania to Zimbabwe, this book contains a wealth of statistics and trends from more than 141 countries, useful for classroom discussions in economics, geography or social studies. You can assign each of your students a nation to study and have them compare their data with their classmates. For more advanced grade levels, use this book to discuss issues like: Why are some countries rich while others are poor? How does economic freedom relate to political freedom? What are the best ways to spread freedoms throughout the globe?

    Facts, Not Fear: Teaching Children about the Environment
    (Canadian Edition)
    Michael Sanera and Jane S. Shaw
    Adapted for Canadian readers by Liv Fredricksen and Laura Jones
    How can parents help their children reach informed and balanced opinions on the multitude of issues and ideas that are collectively called "environmentalism"? This book is a good starting point as it calls into question many of the assumptions that have seeped into popular culture through constant repetition. From endangered species to forests to climate change, there is often a feeling that all the trends are negative and nothing can be done about them. This book offers a different viewpoint for young people to consider.

    Permission to Reprint
    Permission to reprint in whole or in part is granted for classroom use provided the publication title, the authors, and the Fraser Institute are properly cited. For any other use of published material, please seek written permission from the Fraser Institute by contacting the Director of Publication Production, kristin.mccahon@fraserinstitute.org.