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    Make teaching economics more interesting and interactive for your students. We offer lesson plans that include experiential learning methods using games and simulations.

    Economic Freedom of the World Map: Lesson Plans for the Classroom
    This set of seven lesson plans accompanies the Economic Freedom of the World wall map. Together, the materials can be used to teach students about the principles of economic freedom and its relation to global prosperity. It is intended for use in high school economics courses, as well as other courses to which economic reasoning may be applied.

    Understanding Climate Change: Lesson Plans for the Classroom
    The curriculum is a collection of six lessons exploring the issue of global warming, and challenging students to think objectively about this and other issues. The lessons begin with an introduction of the scientific method, helping students understand the fundamentals of science and research. They examine the potential drivers of climate change and critically evaluate the data typically presented to students. The carbon cycle and historic climate on earth are demonstrated. Importantly, it provides students with the tools to interpret charts and the underlying data.

    Adapted for Canadian teachers, the plans were compiled by The Fraser Institute from a variety of sources (with permission for educational use). The lessons are easy to prepare and are a great way to make economics fun. They have been tried and tested by teachers across North America.

    Economic Systems
    Help your students work through how resources are allocated. In this simulation, student "ministers" find that their ability to distribute goods and services to satisfy consumer wants and needs is hampered by their inability to access the information that markets provide.
    Download this lesson.

    Supply & Demand: Market Game in Oil
    In this game, your students act as buyers and sellers of oil. This is an excellent way to introduce the notion of supply and demand. Students can refer back to this exercise when thinking about unit prices and quantities demanded.
    Download this lesson.

    Trade & Voluntary Exchange
    Teach students about trade using a trading game. This activity is a hit with students of all ages.
    Download this lesson.

    Property Rights & the Tragedy of the Commons
    Help your students understand scarce resources and property rights using this fishing simulation. This lesson plan covers concepts such as choice, incentives, and the tragedy of the commons.
    Download this lesson.

    Let us know how your students enjoyed any of the games and exercises above. Perhaps you have an economics lesson plan that you would like to share with other teachers?  Email your comments to student@fraserinstitute.org.