Canadian Perspectives on the U.S.

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Donald Trump doesn’t understand the benefits of trade, and Hillary Clinton has criticized trade on the campaign trail.

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U.S. importers and Canadian exporters have a strong shared interest in having the two governments reach a quick and durable settlement.

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Canada imposes complete government control over people's access to medically necessary care.

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The U.S. has collected billions of dollars from duties imposed on Canadian lumber.

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Approximately 20 per cent of Canada’s GDP comes from exports to the U.S.

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Economist advocates Canadian-style work-life policies as a solution to the current economic malaise in the U.S.

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Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are favouring the protection of U.S. domestic producers.

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Some Americans are ordering EpiPens from so-called “Canadian” Internet pharmacies.

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Companies might relocate production capacity from the U.S. to Canada to gain duty-free access to the Chinese domestic market.

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