Natural Resources

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Alberta’s environmental performance, much like any other Canadian province, has been one of continuing environmental improvement.

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Even if oil prices came roaring back, many environmentalists would not allow any additional growth in oilsand development.

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Ninety-nine per cent of pipeline occurrences from 2003 to 2013 didn’t damage the environment.

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The obvious strong influence of the environmental lobby on the policy positions of Democrat office-holders poses a huge hurdle for future North American energy integration through initiatives such as cross-border pipelines.

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Mining exploration spending is tightening in Ontario. So where is the province's policy environment faltering?


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It’s occasionally assumed that an environmentally sensitive approach is opposite that of a commercial approach—that ecological protection is necessarily at odds with ranching and farming.

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Opponents of the oilsands and the Keystone XL pipeline present another dubious argument.

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