John Considine

Lecturer, Department of Economics, University College Cork

John Considine is a lecturer in the Department of Economics, University College Cork. He received his BA (Economics and Computer Science) in 1989 from University College Cork. After completing his M.A. (Economics) in 1991, he joined the Department of Economics, UCC. He completed his Ph.D., on the measurement of the fiscal deficit, under the supervision of Huw Dixon in the University of York. He completed the PostGraduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (PGDTLHE) at UCC in 2008. He has been awarded the President’s Prize for Excellence in Teaching and has published a number of journal articles on the use of humour in teaching. In addition to his research interest in the teaching of economics, Mr Considine’s research interests include the history of economic thought, public finance, and sports economics.