Angela MacLeod

Angela MacLeod, former Senior Policy Analyst with the Fraser Institute, conducted research for the Barbara Mitchell Centre for Improvement in Education, and the Centre for School Performance Studies. After completing a Bachelor of Business Administration from Acadia University she spent time working in banking and management before pursuing a Master of Public Policy from the University of Calgary.  The focus of her graduate studies was social and economic policy, and her final paper Noble Frustrations: The Many Practical Problems with Municipal Poverty Initiatives was subsequently published by the Manning Foundation.  She was formerly the executive director of a school choice advocacy organization and is passionate about improving K-12 education across the country.  She is the co-author of numerous education policy studies including Where our Students are Educated: Measuring Student Enrolment in Canada, 2017 and Comparing the Family Income of Students in Alberta’s Independent and Public Schools.

Recent Research by Angela MacLeod

— sep 6, 2017
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Education Spending and Public Student Enrolment in Canada, 2017 Edition

Education Spending and Public Student Enrolment in Canada, 2017 trouve que les dépenses par étudiant des écoles publiques ont augmenté dans toutes les provinces pendant la dernière décennie (de 2004/05 à 2014/15), avec une croissance moyenne de 22,3 pourcent au niveau national (après ajustement pour l'inflation). En fait, les dépenses consacrées à l'éducation publique au Canada ont augmenté par plus de 17 milliards de dollars, malgré une baisse des effectifs scolaires de 3,0 pourcent pendant cette même période.