access to medicines

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Minister of health makes dubious claims about Ottawa’s pharmacare plan

More regulation will likely lead to slower and more limited access to drugs.

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National pharmacare can hurt patients more than it helps

Canadians can also expect tax hikes to pay for the government drug program.

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Canada's free ride on U.S. drug development may end soon

In a bid to get even steeper drug discounts, Health Canada recently proposed changes to our reference-pricing system.

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Increasing barriers for drug manufacturers may ultimately hurt patients

Ottawa’s changes may delay the launch of new innovative medications in Canada.

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Queen's Park should amend existing programs to better target vulnerable groups.

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Under Medicare in the U.S., private insurers compete to offer coverage within regions.

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National Pharmacare appears to be regarded by many as a panacea for the woes of the present hodgepodge of provincial drug plans, but some provinces seem to view it as an opportunity to alleviate the strain on their drug budgets.