alberta budget

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Alberta government’s budget promises will fall flat without clear long-term plan

Program spending from 2023/24 to 2025/26 will be $6.4 billion higher than projected just three months ago.

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Alberta government makes big promises for next budget—but proper execution is key

Since the Heritage Fund's inception, in most years the government has made no contributions to the fund.

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Alberta government would run large deficit without historically high resource revenue

Every dollar that goes towards debt repayment is a dollar unavailable for important services or tax relief.

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Be warned—Alberta’s government finances remain at risk

The province’s debt interest costs have increased from $61 per Albertan in 2007/08 to a projected $672 per Albertan in 2023/24.

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Alberta government should rein in spending despite budget surplus

The government has increased program spending by nearly $10 billion since its original plan in 2022.

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Alberta government should align spending with dependable sources of revenue

When resource revenue is relatively high, the government faces pressure to increase spending.

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Alberta government wastes generational opportunity to restore provincial finances

If it held the line on spending, the government could have run a $6.7 billion surplus in 2023/24.

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Smith government takes one step forward two steps back in Budget 2023

Program spending is projected to be $4.2 billion higher in 2023/24 than budgeted just a few months ago.

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Alberta government faces fundamental choice in upcoming budget

Successive governments have perpetuated the boom-bust cycle of provincial finances.