alberta government finances

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Alberta government would run large deficit without historically high resource revenue

Every dollar that goes towards debt repayment is a dollar unavailable for important services or tax relief.

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Alberta government should learn from past fiscal mistakes

Young Albertans are paying the price today for the past 15 years of government debt accumulation.

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Be warned—Alberta’s government finances remain at risk

The province’s debt interest costs have increased from $61 per Albertan in 2007/08 to a projected $672 per Albertan in 2023/24.

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Alberta government should rein in spending despite budget surplus

The government has increased program spending by nearly $10 billion since its original plan in 2022.

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Alberta projects $5.5 billion surplus in 2023/24 but luck may soon run out

Every US$1 decline in oil prices reduces government revenues by an estimated $630 million.

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New ‘fiscal framework’ won’t solve Alberta’s ongoing problem

From 2008/09 to 2020/21, the province racked up $60 billion in provincial net debt.

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Alberta government should adopt fiscal sustainability analysis and reporting framework
Sound analysis supports the efficient allocation of scarce financial resources.