alberta's finances

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Alberta government must further restrain spending to stabilize provincial finances

This year, program spending will reach a projected $14,334 per Albertan, which is $1,603 higher than the original plan.

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Alberta’s credit upgrade belies risk of red ink on the horizon

Compared to the government’s 2022 mid-year plan, it will spend $6.1 billion more in 2023/24.

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Alberta government increased spending despite promise of ‘restraint’

The province plans to spend $13.9 billion more over two fiscal years than originally planned in mid-year 2022.

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Alberta government makes big promises for next budget—but proper execution is key

Since the Heritage Fund's inception, in most years the government has made no contributions to the fund.

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Albertans continue to pay for government debt—despite budget surpluses

The province's debt interest costs increased from $61 per person in 2007/08 to a projected $672 per person in 2023/24.

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Alberta government ignores warnings about overspending

In 2022/23, Alberta's program spending was $13,570 per person, more than $1,200 higher than Ontario.

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Alberta government should learn from past fiscal mistakes

Young Albertans are paying the price today for the past 15 years of government debt accumulation.

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Be warned—Alberta’s government finances remain at risk

The province’s debt interest costs have increased from $61 per Albertan in 2007/08 to a projected $672 per Albertan in 2023/24.

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Alberta projects $5.5 billion surplus in 2023/24 but luck may soon run out

Every US$1 decline in oil prices reduces government revenues by an estimated $630 million.