alberta's finances

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‘Blue Ribbon’ recommendations can help repair Alberta’s finances

Report recommends holding nominal program spending flat until 2022/23.

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Alberta’s blue-ribbon panel should recommend spending reform

Interest payments on Alberta's government debt jumped from $61 (per person) to $655.

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Alberta’s smaller than anticipated deficit shouldn’t lead to complacency

The province's debt interest costs were more than $400 per person in 2018/19.

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Even in a weakened state, Alberta still props up federal finances

Tax revenue from Albertans helps fund services all Canadians enjoy.

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Canada's dashed 'energy superpower' dream

A proliferation of regulations and government interventions have dramatically shaken investor confidence.

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Alberta desperately requires regulatory reform

The Notley government imposed a 100 megatonne cap on greenhouse gas emissions from the oilsands.

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According to the annual report, the province’s operating deficit for the year was $6.4 billion—about $300 million more than projected by the Notley government.

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The severity of Alberta’s fiscal problems hit home with many Albertans this week as Premier Prentice announced that the upcoming provincial budget will include an across-the-board five per cent spending cut.