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Notes gone underground—who has all the missing $1,000s?

The purple $25 bill commemorating the silver jubilee of King George V has been in use for 84 years.

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How interest rates affect labour participation among Canadian workers young and old

Workers aged 55 years and over hold one-fifth of the jobs in Canada.

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In the 1970s the Bank of Canada switched to monetarist money-supply targeting.

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The higher-than-expected inflation of the late-1980s was one reason the bank switched to inflation targeting.

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With this week’s resignation of Gary Cohn, President Trump’s mercantilist trade advisors are on the ascent.

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In countries whose currencies have risen against the U.S. dollar, there’s “flow-through deflation” as imports get cheaper.

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The Liberal government remains committed to a misguided fiscal policy approach that spends borrowed money in the hopes of increasing prosperity.

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The Bank of Canada and other central banks around the world have artificially lowered interest rates, making investment and risk-taking much cheaper.