budget deficit

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On deficit reduction in Ontario, “slow and steady” will not win the race

Ontario’s debt burden is forecasted to increase by $48.2 billion between 2018 and 2023.

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Beware, budget deficits can increase inequality

Government debt redistributes resources from the entire population to the wealthy holders of the debt.

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The federal government expects the deficit in 2018-19 to reach $18.1 billion and grow next year to $19.6 billion.

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Two fiscal freight trains hurling toward Ottawa

The annual deficit from a recession could increase from its current level of $19 billion to almost $50 billion.

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Upon assuming power, the Trudeau government immediately increased budgeted federal program spending by $8.1 billion over 2015-16 to 2019-20.

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During its first full year in power, the Trudeau government increased spending by a whopping 7.4 per cent.

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Alberta’s budget deficit in 2015/16 was $2,513 per person.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s expected level of per person spending this fiscal year ($8,337) is just $38 less than the all-time high.

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Since 2007, Ontario has seen its net debt approximately double, from $157 billion to $308 billion.